Chris Brown a Crock: The Good & The Bad of His Bet Performance

By now you’ve probably heard about it: Chris Brown’s Sunday night tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson.  During the end of the performance, Chris Breezy broke down in tears, unable to complete the final tribute song, “Man in the Mirror.”  Some have called this outpouring of emotion honest, touching, genuine…even going as far to say that “Chris Brown is back” with this performance.  Yes, Chris: cry in front of millions and all is forgiven.

Chris Brown crying at the BET Awards

PSYCH.  I’m sorry, but I truly am not buying this from Chris Brown ONE BIT.  Yes, Michael Jackson was his idol and yes he is certainly upset about the death of a legend (as we ALL were…ONE year ago!)  I believe some of this emotion was honest and heartfelt, but for entirely different reasons.  Many of these emotions were certainly due to his desperate career position: album sales are WAY down, radio refuses to play his records, and other countries won’t let him tour.  He’s being forced to play small night clubs (sometimes for free!) and has left desperate voice messages to his fan base to stay loyal to him and buy his records!  Now tell me, does this outpouring of emotion, on stage, in front of the millions that refuse to consume his music anymore, while singing a song SO lyrically metaphorical as “Man in the Mirror” now seem a BIT too convenient?  I certainly think so.  Chris: you may be a terrific dancer, a wonderful entertainer, and most certainly are the only one who could have pulled off those MJ moves so expertly.  But this isn’t going to relaunch your career.  At this point, I’m not sure what will, besides an acquittal.


4 thoughts on “Chris Brown a Crock: The Good & The Bad of His Bet Performance

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  2. I am extremely bemused right now. This is the most bemused I have been in years. My bemusion level is through the roof. “PSYCH”

  3. Right on GB. It was pathetic and obviously staged! Who did he think wasn’t going to see through that? I wish he would just give it up and go away. Can’t stand him. (And yes I know you’re shocked but I DO know who Chris Brown is and what he did to Rihanna LOL).

    • It’ll be really interesting to see how this (if it has ANY) impact on his career trajectory. I’ll bet any amount of money that this was a calculated move, though. It’s really just a sad situation…and I’m glad that you know who Chris Brown is Kristina hah.

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