Love the Way You Lie, Your Next #1 Hit

Eminem's latest effort, "Recovery"

Eminem’s latest ‘don’t-call-it-a-comeback…but-it-is’ record Recovery just hit the stores a week ago.  And while first week sales are sure to be impressive, largely fueled by the #1 lead single “Not Afraid”, the biggest impact from this record is just about to be felt.  Cue follow-up single “Love the Way You Lie”, the second proper release from the album, which promises to be one of THE most monstrous hits of the now 37 year-old veteran’s career.  Featuring a still emotionally revved-up, Rated R-vibing Rihanna, the record truly is a fusion of what the mainstream (i.e. Top 40-radio) public has come to embrace from the emcee.  From the slick, stuttering beats of up-and-coming producer Alex da Kidd to some of Em’s most inspired, emotionally-charged rhymes in some time (“Now you get to watch her leave out the window guess that’s why they call it window pane”) this record is destined to ascend to the top of the charts like rapid fire.  If you haven’t heard the record already, check it out here and enjoy. Download \”Love the Way You Lie\” here


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