Watch Out Radio: Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” Is Here

Hot off his latest mega-international hit smash “OMG” off his latest proper release “Usher vs. Raymond” Usher waits no time in delivering a new single to Top 40/mainstream and rhythmic outlets with the incessantly catchy dance track “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love.” Featuring the omnipresent Pitbull (hot off his destined-to-be top 10 feature with Enrique Iglesias on “I Like It”) Usher looks to cash in on the recent dance-floor focused landscape that is Top 40 radio and work for the first time with mega-pop producer Max Martin, who coincidentally also produced Katy Perry’s latest, monster-smash “California Gurls” (which recently broke the record for most plays in a week on Top 40 radio.)

Usher recently discussing his new single and EP "Versus"

With this single serving as the first off of a new EP Usher’s releasing on August 24th (titled “Versus”), Usher is making a decidedly calculated effort to maintain his Top 40 mainstream audience, the same audience he largely alienated after 2008’s less than stellar “Here I Stand.”  Producing only one pop hit (“Love in this Club”) and selling less than a tenth of his previous effort, 2004’s “Confessions”, Usher was on quite the losing streak with pop audiences over the past eighteen months.

Then came along third single “OMG”, a production that fit like a glove with mainstream programmers in a pop era that favors slick, electro-synths, ubiquitous rap guest features, and anything Black Eyed Peas associated.  Accordingly, “DJ…” follows this trend with conviction: with its David Guetta-esque, electro sensibility, “I’m ready to party” lyric associations, and indelibly hooky chorus that digs deep into your subconscious after a few spins (“last night night of your life life” in particular), there’s no stopping this single.

What’s interesting about this song is that it comes out of relatively nowhere.  Instead of pulling another single from the aforementioned first-quarter release, however, Usher just recently decided to pull a page out of GaGa’s playbook and will use this EP (extended play) as opposed to the traditional LP (or long-play) to serve as his next proper effort.  In a day-and-age where record sales continue to slide, this move could not make more sense.  Not only will fans be excited to see more new music from the superstar this year, but EPs seem to be the way fans most prefer to consume music these days (as sales of the 8-song “Fame Monster” EP proved).

Regardless of how this EP fares or how Usher’s career progresses, this song will be impacting radio officially next week and will surely rocket up the charts and be played at clubs and house parties in the coming months.  You heard it hear first: be the first one of your friends to hear it by clicking below:


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