Building Your Network

New York City

Image by kaysha via Flickr

This week, I decided to take my wonderful Bolt Bus friends up on their stellar $1 fares to NYC and head down to NYC to catch-up with some friends and do a bit of ‘networking’ in New York City.  The concept of networking to me has always been a nebulous one.  Even as a graduate of the Cornell University Hotel School (a proud lifelong “Hotelie” I am) the idea of small talk and discussions over careers paths and aspirations never has seemed like an arduous or overly complicated process.  Some become terrified over the awkwardness during more traditional meet-and-greet sessions – which I certainly can relate to – but aren’t most of our every day life moments related to networking?  I’m more comfortable with the concept of building your network.

Think about it in even the most domesticated, old fashioned constructs.  A neighbor of yours asks for a cup of sugar.  You reciprocate by extending to them what they’re looking for, and in turn, are developing a relationship that you can rely on or, at the very least, foster and develop as time forges ahead.  I use this as an example of ‘building you network’ and the importance of earnest interaction with others because you never know when you’ll be in a time of need.

At the time of this writing, I am in a period of transition, both personally and professionally as far as building, or re-building, my network.  I am using this time in New York City to figure out a lot of things about myself, who my own ‘network’ is, and how I can grow and prosper along with them.  All of this to say is that while life throws many unexpected curve balls and (insert a litany of any other cliches you can summon up), things happen for a reason and your network can help you find the right pathway ahead.

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