Portobello Paradise at Shake Shack

Shake Shack

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OK – so perhaps I’m not always the ‘early adopter’ or as ‘with the current trends’ as I sometimes think I am.  What I’m insinuating here is that I’ve never been to a Shake Shack in New York City.  With this candid admission now off my chest – can we please discuss in the blogosphere how delicious the Shake Shack ‘Shroom burger is?  The folks over at Danny Meyer’s delicious burger joint – which has grown over the years to several other New York City neighborhoods from its original Union Square location – (as well as a location in Miami Beach now apparently) have conjured up what must be one of the most delicious vegetarian lunch sandwiches available to mankind.

The ‘Shroom burger is truly a decadent delight – a crisp-fried portobello filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato, and the Shake Shack’s mystery Shack Sauce.  It’s reasonably priced and really fills you up.  Of course, as the item description may clue you in a bit, the burger likely is not the most health-conscious option one could order at a restaurant.  But hey, if you’re coming to Shake Shack, are you really dreaming about greens and veggies?  I think not.  So call me Shake Shack’s newest evangelist of the ‘Shroom burger.  It’s truly put me in portobello paradise.

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