Coldplay’s “Princess of China” Reigns Supreme

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While the music purchasing public anxiously awaits the release of Coldplay‘s latest full-length musical ambition Mylo Xyloto (the album has been leaked in full for all you non-paying pirates out there), the entire world has recently been treated to a cut that is likely to be Coldplay’s third single off the aforementioned album, “Princess of China.”

In typical Coldplay fashion, the song begins with the typical bombast of “Oooo’s” and “Woahhhh’s” that have defined many of the band’s latest cuts (queue current single “Paradise” and you’ll understand what I mean) and continues onward for much of the song, creating a wall of sound that is so immense that one may wonder how this song could be consumed in a space any smaller than an arena.

What is so refreshingly interesting about this potential third single (it has yet to be confirmed as such by the label, but judging by its leak timing is highly probable) is that this cut has the omnipresent, uber-pop princess Rihanna featured on the soaring track.  While some hardcore Coldplay addicts may call foul and say that the band is selling out in order to seek a sizable radio hit, Rihanna’s feature on the record is by no means an afterthought throwaway effort.


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Instead, it is Rihanna who adds some much needed vulnerability to this – at times – harshly intense track, laying down some angelically layered vocals during the verse and perfect harmonization with lead vocalist Chris Martin during the song’s various climatic moments (there are more than one, but the final 30 seconds of the record are the most emotive).  All of this to say is that Coldplay has a winning song that is both on its hands that radio should be ready to embrace with open arms.

Listening Party: Listen to “Princess of China” here 

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