The Importance of ‘Family Dinner’ Fun

OK, this post mighthave been inspired by the ‘family dinner’ that I just went to last night, which was quite simply a great experience.  I have heard about these so called ‘family dinner’ concepts for some time now – in college, many of my apartment-renting friends hosted lots of these gatherings – but I’ve never been fortunate enough to participate in one.  Chalk it up to living in a fraternity house for two years (where, quite frankly, every dinner is basically a family dinner) or perhaps just a lack of popularity, but the concept was foreign to me…until last night.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup

Image by Half Chinese via Flickr

What I experienced was a great evening of delicious, well-prepared food – a scintillating smorgasbord of grilled cheese sandwiches, topped with figs, tomatoes, and apples, accompanied by sensational tomato soup and some good value vino.  But the evening was far more about the company kept than the food.  The great discovery I learned about family dinners tonight was that it not only brings together close friends and acquaintances, but also reconnects classmates of the past and is an opportunity to forge new friendships that may have not been apparent in the first place.

For full disclosure of my minor readership, I dined tonight with a mostly Cornell-crowd of recent alumni that consisted of mostly familiar faces.  That said, there was a nice mixture of friends of friends that were great to meet as well, which really made the night a pleasurable experience.  The only disappointment of the night was learning that I was apparently the only person in the room that was obsessed with both Spotify and Foursquare – although I unfortunately couldn’t check-in to this family dinner due to the fact that its location moves from week-to-week – but I am to use my persuasive powers and convert the skeptics in future family dinners.  For now I will just revel in the fun, and importance, of the family dinner.  It truly is a great way to hang-out with loosely related friends and share in conversation that otherwise may never have happened.

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