Pino + Pizza, Cigars + Cervezas = Contentment

Today’s post comes after a night of two experiences: one, the more traditional, and the other, more unconventional.  Both experiences were rewarding in their own right, and combined amounted to an evening that was both enriching and, quite frankly, a lot of fun.

Bates Hall reading room at the Boston Public L...

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I began the evening – as I have normally been doing these past few weeks, at the Boston Public Library, which has served as my “home office” sort of speak and typically have been most productive doing my social media freelancing and project work out of the Bates Hall Reading Room (which, coincidentally, I am only two days away from becoming Mayor of the establishment on FourSquare).  Alas, I digress, as no one reading this blog (or in this world) really could care less whether or not I own the Mayorship of the Boston Public Library.

That said, after my library adventures were complete, I headed over to my other favorite place in Boston, The Fairmont Copley Plaza, where I said hello to one of my favorite Fairmont people, Suzanne Wenz, who is, quite frankly, a fantastic person and great mentor of mine, and to pick up my other Fairmont friend Ashley, who also is a PR guru for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.  At that point, Ashley and I took the T to Haymarket and met up with another Fairmont friend Jana, who works at another gorgeous hotel called the Fairmont Battery Wharf, which is a really chic and sleek property right along the waterfront, as well as my friend Ashley’s husband, Chris.

So after 250+ words of rambling, let’s get down to the business-end of this post, which of course has everything to do with the title and nothing to do with what I’ve just explained (although I do believe context is important with stories such as these…) Anyways, we started off the evening at this charming little North End establishment called Tresca, which is primarily a bar spot but also welcomes in the unassuming diner seeking some unsurprising, however satisfying, Italian fair.  After all, the restaurant is right along Hanover Street, which is the ‘touristy’ and most-trafficked road on the North End, widely known as the “Italian neighborhood” of Boston.

Image of the North End, Boston neighborhood. T...

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After some delicious sharable appetizers – I highly recommend the mushroom pizza and the meatballs, two of which were our staple shared dishes – and some succulent glasses of pino noir (hence the title), we parted ways with our good friend Jana and headed to Churchill’s Lounge, which my friend Ashley was advertising as a widely-known, ideal place for ‘scotch and cigars.’  To our dismay, as soon as we entered the establishment, we realized that there was no hard liquor to be served AT ALL in the bar/lounge, with the notable exceptions of assorted beers, wines, and ports.  Content enough with those options, we decided to blindly go along with the recommended cigars that were put forth in front of us and enjoy an ‘old world’ kind of evening that was full of smoke but also plenty of candidly clear conversation.  The bar was a bit less authentically (my friend Ashley’s least favorite word) ‘old world’ due to the fact that they were piping in both The Who and John Mayer on the speakers, but a good time was still had by all.

The only deterrent of the evening was the fact that – upon arrival back at my home – I reeked of cigar smoke…to the bone.  I will mostly likely need to take two showers tomorrow, as well as wash and re-wash my clothes, in order to rid myself of the smoky-smelliness that is my current existence.  All being said, however, it was a great evening of typical Bostonian culture.  As my post’s title suggests, an evening of good food, great booze, and even better company can make any man content.


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