The Fleeting Life of the Freelancer

The Plaza Hotel celebrated its 100th year in 2007

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As I scribe this post lounging luxuriously in the comfortable surroundings of the Champagne Bar at The Plaza Hotel, a Fairmont Managed Hotel – with a cup of cappuccino close at hand – I cannot help but feel a sense of serenity about my current life situation. Now, I’m fully aware that this introductory, overtly fluffy opening line is a bit obtuse to congruently comprehend, so allow me to be a bit more straight-forward with you.

Since I made the very difficult decision last month to leave my previous post as Internet Marketing Manager for The Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda – a luxury resort property that I would recommend to anyone – my life has taken already several different, relatively abrupt turns for the better.  After a week of wallowing in my bed at home, feeling utterly depressed about moving back home and leaving a job that I felt I was perfectly suited for, I slowly started to get back on my feet and feel more like my eager-to-network, socially hyperactive self.  To be quite honest, it all began to slowly turn around with, in addition to the surplus of support from family, friends and medical professionals, the re-launching of this blog, as the The Social Sonic Traveler continues to be – and will perhaps will always be – a cathartic, passion project of mine that is a perfect forum for my thoughts and interests.  But enough about me and my path to contentment…to the subject at hand.

Since I have gotten back into the swing of things, I am (as of this writing) currently working for two different, hospitality-related companies based in NYC and Maine as an independent contractor – more commonly known as a freelancer – doing social media strategy and e-marketing consulting.  While this work is not always steady, and is on a project-by-project basis, I have already found it very rewarding and, to be perfectly honest, is a fantastic way to fill one’s day while you’re on the prowl for a more permanent position (my current situation).  The hours are tremendously flexible (a.k.a I work on my own time) and is a role that really hones and develops your time management skill set.  Furthermore, it allows you to work in a variety of areas that you may not have been exposed to otherwise in a more permanent, streamlined role.

Manhattan, New York City; View from the Millen...

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In summation, the fleeting life of the freelancer is, as you would imagine, incredibly loosely defined.  I come and go as I please – without office or agenda, and frequently Bolt Bus-ing it from Boston to NYC – with the assurance, however, that the client work produced is thoroughly complete, on schedule, and of the highest quality.  In many ways, it has been the superlative, short-term solution as I wander along my winding, albeit brief, professional path in hospitality marketing.  It may not be for everyone, but the freelancing fun I’ve enjoyed has suited me just fine.


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