Must Download Mobile App: RunKeeper

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I’ll keep this post brief as there’s a lot of things going on today.  As I mentioned in a previous story on The Social Sonic Traveler, one my passions is running.  If the weather is cooperating with me, I make every effort – wherever I am – to run outdoors, where the air is fresher and sights more compelling.  There’s just something about running on a treadmill – the constant staring at the minutes logged and miles clocked, that makes me squirm a little.

Nevertheless, the biggest advantage of the treadmill, besides the haven it provided against inclement weather elements,  was always its ability to track your progress as far as calories burned, time spent, and miles ran.  For fitness freaks like myself, that’s a huge advantage that I never thought I could be able to truly accurately count on having when running in the good-ole outdoors…until now.

About a week ago, my good friend Ashley suggested that I download this smart phone-friendly (very iPhone friend) mobile application called RunKeeper, and after only using it a few times I am immediately hooked.  Not only does the application track your progress as far as miles run, minutes spent, and and calories burned, but it has a GPS embedded it its software that can identify where you are and keep track of your route for you.  Moreover, there are tons of social sharing capabilities with this application, including both Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare feed integration which, as an “oversharer” I absolutely love.  Finally, it conveniently logs all of your distances run in a clean, Activity History interface.

Perhaps the coolest feature of all about this application, though, is that it has a myriad of additional settings to take advantage of that are really a lot of fun.  Audio cues will cut in during your run and let you know your pace, your time logged, and distance ran while your playlist – which you can synch with the application as well – continues to play in the background.  The bottom line here is pretty simple: if you have a passion for running and are mobile savvy, download this app (it’s 100% free, unless you want to go unnecessarily go RunKeeper Elite) and get going!


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