The ArtBar Cambridge is a Delectable Delight

When you think of The ArtBar in Cambridge, you might first wonder inquisitively – where exactly is it? – or secondarily even ponder – what is it? – as the name itself doesn’t necessarily clue you in on the restaurant‘s identity.  Should the name be taken at self-explanatory face value – is it a bar with art in it? – or is it something more?  Well, the answer to these imperative questions you may pondering are two-fold. First, The ArtBar is both a bar and Contemporary American restaurant concept – servicing all day-parts and offering an eclectic, enticing menu – and second, is located within, but has a separate identity from, The Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, located right along the Charles River and only a short-walking distance from both the Orange and Green line MBTA stops (also, very conveniently located directly across the street from the well-known CambridgeSide Galleria shopping complex).

Dining at ArtBar

Image courtesy of ArtBar website

What inspired this post today was that, fortunately enough, I was able to try out The ArtBar for myself for the first time, as I shared a delicious meal and great conversation with a fellow hospitality e-marketing friend of mine.  While we divulged our passions for travel technologies and marketing innovations, we enjoyed a meal that was both interesting and comfortably satisfying.  Upon entering the restaurant, which is cozily located near the inviting common lobby areas of the hotel, you are immediately struck by the very modern art-deco designs and artistic ambiance that pervades the space.  Moreover, upon being seated, you can bask in the glorious natural sunlight that fills the space as well as take-in the beautiful blues of the Charles River that the restaurant is nestled besides.  I was told during our lunch date that, in the summer months, the patio deck is opened up, which I imagine would be an entirely enjoyable experience in its own right.

As far as the cuisine is concerned – full disclosure: I can only speak to the restaurant’s lunch menu – it is attentively prepared and portioned to perfection.  After a meal of roasted apple and butternut squash soup – the perfect seasonal starter for any meal, in my humble opinion – and lobster cobb salad, I was both full yet incredibly satisfied.  The cappuccinos that followed the meal too were expertly prepared and piping hot, a quality that, unfortunately, I have too often been disappointed by.  Also, for you Foursquare fans out there, the restaurant offers a 15% discount for all lunch patrons during any weekday.  Couple this with the very reasonable prices the restaurant affords – lunch sandwiches and entrees alike are priced from $12 – 19 respectively, depending on your choice – and you are left with an utterly satisfying, affordably priced meal in a creative and centrally located setting.  As I did on my Bizzy application shortly after my lunch experience, I would recommend The ArtBar to anyone and everyone who’s looking for a scenic, interesting lunch experience in Cambridge.

Social Media Finds: Follow the restaurant on Facebook and Twitter, and again, be sure to check-in on Foursquare and snag that 15% off lunch discount!


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