The Social Media Oversharer in San Francisco

Already, if you happen to be one of the (un)fortunate souls that is a friend of mine on Facebook, a follower on Twitter, or a companion on Foursquare, you’ve probably noticed that I’m in San Francisco.  Since I’ve arrived in the City by the Bay on Wednesday afternoon, I’ve already been all over the map, checking-in and tweeting up a storm about my dining, sightseeing, and hotel stay escapades that have – thus far – been loads of fun.

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In just these first two days (and still four more full days to go!) , I have blitzed the city – jogging in and around Presidio National Park and its picturesque surrounding neighborhoods, strolling around Union Square and Fisherman’s Wharf, chasing after trolley cars humming along Powell Street, and going for an epic eight-mile jaunt through the city’s most scenic areas like Telegraph Hill, Marina, Cow Hollow and Nob Hill.  If you follow my Foursquare feed specifically, you will get a fuller sense of the places I’ve stopped along the way…and this is just the beginning…

As you can tell, I have developed an immediate infatuation with this city.  Yes, it is one thing to be a tourist, and another to be a resident of the city – which, full disclosure here: I came out in San Francisco for a job interview with a San Francisco-based hospitality company and, if I get the job, will be moving out here – but from what I’m seeing thus far, I could definitely see myself enjoying it here full-time.  In addition to my amazing runs (three thus far) and fun hotel hopping (which have included stays at a Joie D Vivre property by Presidio, The Laurel Inn, and a boutique Larkspur hotel near Union Square) I have enjoyed some great Californian and Mexican food around the city and, of course, some great California wine and brews (all in moderation, of course).

More to come from the trip, but off to my next adventure…


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