5 Songs Spinning on My iPod

 With the final quarter of the mainstream radio world now in full swing and the pending bombardment of holiday music saturation only weeks away, I’m going to take a few moments out to share the latest singles spinning in heavy rotation on my own personal radio station: my iPod.

The Ting Tings

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The Ting Tings = “Hang It Up”  

After impressing American audiences with their bold breakthrough singles “Shut Up and Let Me Go” and “That’s Not My Name” this fun and fascinating duo known as The Ting Tings have gone quiet on us the past few years with little to hear from them.  Fortunately, they’ve come back with a punch on their initial offering from their upcoming follow-up album, an equally manic ditty called “Hang It Up” that features addictively aggressive guitar riffs, bold drum machine loops, and – of course – lead singer Katie White‘s animated vocals which drive the song’s simple however hooky “Hang It Up” chorus.  It may not top their previous single efforts, but it’s a welcomed return from a group that has steadily become the go-to for wickedly fun doses of alt-pop.  Listen here

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 08:  Rapper Timbaland prom...

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FreeSol featuring Justin Timberlake & Timbaland= “Fascinated”

While Justin Timberlake has largely gone missing in action from the mainstream music scene since he fully committed himself to Hollywood, he has continued to foray from time to time with guest features and behind-the-boards production, both feats he manages here on new-comber rapper FreeSol’s debut single “Fascinated.”  What this song lacks in originality and punch – it may sound a bit too much like anything Timbaland has produced in the past – it redeems itself with an indelible chorus and a rap flow from FreeSol that’s appealing.  The jury is still out whether or not pop radio will fully embrace it, but with both JT and Timbaland lending their names to the bill, there’s a strong chance it’ll garner up quite a few spins.  Listen here

NEW YORK - JULY 24:  Sean Paul performs on ABC...

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Sean Paul = “She Doesn’t Mind”

Sean Paul’s lead single off of his yet-untitled latest album, “Got 2 Luv U,” was a piece of pop perfection, featuring peppy production from omnipresent production team Stargate and a seductive vocal performance from uber-talented youngster Alexis Jordan.  That said, radio reacted only luke-warm to the single, which is why the label has rushed out its follow-up, “She Doesn’t Mind.” Fortunately, this cut is yet another pop gem cut from the Stargate cloth that, while there is no featured artist on the hook, finds Sean Paul himself contributing a fine (albeit a bit auto-tuned) vocal that is sticky enough to suggest that Sean Paul may have finally landed himself a long-overdue comeback single.  Listen here


Florence + The Machine, Live at O2 Academy Bri...

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Florence + The Machine = “What the Water Will Bring”

Unless you’ve been living in a cave or avoiding consumption of any sort of multi-media, you have likely heard Florence + The Machine’s soaring lead single “Shake It Out” which has not only been garnering steady airplay as of late but has been featured in a slew of commercials and television promos.  While that song was impressive, likely follow-up single “What the Water Will Bring” truly finds Florence in her vocal groove, contributing her trademark haunting vocals layered over an atmospheric, at times jazzy wall of sound that ebbs and flows until it reaches its impassioned, climatic crescendo.  It might not be as radio-friendly as “Shake It Out” – it’s chorus is certainly slower and far more melancholy – but the track stands out as not only one of the album’s highlights, but one of the best recordings in the group’s catalogue to date.  Listen here

Crashed (Daughtry song)

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Daughtry = “Crawling Back to You

On their last full length release, the largely overlooked Leave This Town, the former American Idol contestant’s band otherwise known as Daughtry was found covering much of the familiar territory of their mult-platinum selling debut record, an effort that earned the group 5 top 20 singles and boatloads of radio support.  Will their new single off of their upcoming release send them back to the top of the pop terrain?  Well, it won’t hurt their cause, as  “Crawling Back to You” – while a rather safe however earnest effort – is right in the band’s comfort zone and has a chorus that sinks in with repeated listens.  This group may never bring anything new to the table, but with “Crawling Back to You” Daughtry continues to consistently outclass alt-rocker contemporary Nickelback – look for future strong singles this winter from the group.  Listen here


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    • No problem! I would highly recommend checking out album cut (but likely soon-to-be-released single) “Out of My Head” – it’s a great jam to rock out to.

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