5 Songs Spinning on My iPod

TGIF and Happy Friday folks!  In celebration of yet another weekend’s arrival, I wanted to innocuously share with you the 5 songs that are getting the most play on the iPod these days. Each of these records are the latest or soon-to-be-released singles from some of the biggest names on the Top 40 charts, and are hit-bound tracks that undoubtedly deserve your attention. Click on each of the song titles to listen and download if you dare.

  • Naked – Dev featuring Enrique Iglesias  After breaking into the Top 10 with “In the Dark,” the seductive second single off her yet-to-be-released-Stateside debut record, Dev returns to Top 40 radio with a brand new single perfectly tailored for the mainstream audience, the slinky electro-vibrant duet “Naked” with resurgent Latin popstar Enrique Iglesias. Featuring production from the omnipresent duo The Cataracs – credits of which include breakthrough hits for Far East Movement, New Boyz, and Snoop Dogg – the track is a layered, buoyant slice of dance-oriented pop, a cut that may not break any new sonic ground in the pop landscape yet nevertheless redeems itself for its alluring, siren-sound verses and hook.  Chalk this up as Dev’s destined-to-be second Top 10 single in early 2012.
  • Where Have You Been – Rihanna  Radio success and Rihanna have been quite the familiar tandem over the past year (or, quite arguably, this omnipotent, chart-topping streak is now running six plus years strong) so it was to no one’s surprise that her recent lead “Talk That Talk” single “We Found Love” skyrocketed up the charts with a bullet. Even with her proven track record, Rihanna (and, more importantly, her production team) continues to delight with the strength of her singles, as soon-to-be released third single “Where Have You Been” – a follow-up to current, island-flavored single “You Da One” – is undoubtedly destined to reach the pinnacle of the Top 40 playlist yet again. Featuring a lethal co-production credit by Dr. Luke and Calvin Harris, the cut is a pulsating, blipping slice of Euro-leaning euphoria, a soundtrack precisely aiming for the clubs, fitness centers, and raucous nights around the town. Consider this a no-brainer, stone-cold smash.

Wild Ones - Flo Rida featuring Sia

  • Wild Ones – Flo Rida featuring Sia Give Flo Rida some credit for remaining relevant in a Top 40 landscape that has – over the past 12 months – evolved from an urban-friendly universe into an electro-dance ecosystem, as the pop-oriented rapper has consistently charted high with his savvy combination of rapid-fire rhymes complemented by pulsating dance beats. Follow-up single to the Etta James-assisted, and already Top 5 release “Good Feeling,” new single “Wild Ones” is a similarly energetic (albeit a bit formulaic) sliver of Top 40 dance-rap that will perfectly sit atop many DJs‘ playlists. Featuring the omnipresent house, dub step co-production of David Guetta and Dr. Luke, the cut maintains its own unique identity vis a vie wickedly talented singer-songwriter Sia’s haunting vocals. While this track may not win Flo Rida any new fans – as his reputation as an uber-pop rapper continues to be validated –  it’s a flirtatious, fun single that will surely climb into the Top 10.
  • 5 O’Clock – T-Pain featuring Lily Allen & Wiz Khalifa  Unlike the previously mentioned artists – all of which are riding high waves of Top 40 relevancy and success, T-Pain’s spotlight has, over the past three years, significantly diminished as a solo artist, with his auto-tuned vocal runs and lazily slapped together rhymes coming out of fashion. In spite of these chart woes – which, until the arrival of Top 40 lead single, Chris Brown-assisted “Best Love Song,” meant a three-year drought devoid of any solo chart success – T-Pain has arrived back in the Top 10 with an expertly interpolated single featuring a terrific Lily Allen sample and an equally inspired Wiz Khalifa guest rap. The song may be too heavily reliant on Allen’s own 2009 single Who’d Have Known – with the entire “5’O Clock” hook being directly swiped from the latter – but the amalgamation of Brit-pop vocals and easy-going rhymes is a winning combination. Give it a spin and see if you agree with what DJs have already qualified as a Top 10 hit.
  • Never Give Up – Robin Thicke  The only cut on this list not to, as of this writing, receive the single-treatment, this album gem, pulled from the blue-eyed soul crooner’s latest album “Love After War,” is an inspired and entirely unique 2:47 opus, astutely layering a traditional adult R&B vocal over a lively, classical sample of José Pablo Moncayo‘s 1941 piece Huapango. Contemporary music critics have already pointed to this track as one of Thicke’s most imaginative performances to date, and I couldn’t agree more; complacency is too often the case with this artist’s work, as the latest releases – including two blandly anonymous-sounding singles from this record thus far – have been too snooze-worthy and slow-tempo’d. Nevertheless, this cut breaks the mold and has you believing that Thicke is far more of a capably creative force than he’s given credit for; he and his production team should be proud. Listen and see if you agree.

Have a great weekend everyone, and remember to leave any comments below on whether you agree or disagree with my completely and utterly subjective sentiments above.


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