A Winter Ocean City Getaway: Spectacular, Not Stupid

There’s something egregiously wrong about the fundamental belief that beach-oriented destinations can only be enjoyable during the warmest of months. On the contrary, a waterfront locale can be quite the serene oasis during the winter, provided you manage your expectations accordingly. This is precisely what I discovered during my recent two-night excursion down to Ocean City, Maryland; a typically frenzied summer destination during peak season,  the destination proved to be perfectly picturesque during my stay and was the peaceful antithesis to the chaotic Manhattan lifestyle I lead.

Over the span of three days and two nights, the well-appointed and spacious Hilton Suites Ocean City Oceanfront played gracious host to me, its central location allowing me to engage all of my biggest passions for food, libations and fitness. For the foodie frequenting Ocean City, I encourage you to take the paths less traveled and patron some amazing, locals-oriented dining establishments that offer fresh ingredients and tremendous ambiance.  For dinner, I would head to either The Shark on The Harbor or Liquid Assets Bistro & Packaged Good for exceptional fare and inviting atmosphere. For a midday lunch excursion, West Ocean City‘s Sunset Grille or the Hilton’s Rumbas Lounge are smart choices for a casual lunch bite. For some liquid inspiration, a visit to Harborside Bar & Grill in the West End for one (or, more likely, several) freshly-squeezed, signature Orange Crush is an absolute necessity, as are quick pitstops at local watering holes Mother’s Cantina and Pickels Pub for a Happy Hour margarita or late night draft beer. Finally, for the walking or running enthusiast, Ocean City affords some of the most sublime sunrises and sunsets for you to enjoy on foot, whether you’re strolling along the 2.5 mile long boardwalk or trotting along the city’s western edge.

Regardless of your trip’s length or purpose, Ocean City truly does have a lot to offer beyond its beaches. In fact, its scenic coastal splendor I would content is only enhanced during this tranquil off-season, a truly ideallic, and tremedously affordable, time to enjoy some first-rate dining, drinking and seaside serenity.


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