Time to Change the Narrative

There has been a sticky phrase circulating around in my headspace for several days now: “time to change the narrative ” is what reoccurs to me, almost as if its a mantra or meditative chant that resurfaces every now and again. It’s an obvious statement that seems, on the surface at least, to reflect an immediate self-help, call-to-action. The phrase I imagine is most often used in a personal context, whether it references more literally altering the direction of a storyline or, more cerebrally, changing how one interprets a certain situation or circumstance. In my situation, I’m using the phrase interchangeably, as I want both to happen.

Today marks the first time in quite a long while that I have felt ready to share on the blog some of what has been going on in my life. It has now been almost a month since I left San Francisco and moved back home in Dedham temporarily with my family to figure out what my next steps are. These next steps specifically relate to managing a nagging, recurring health condition that just doesn’t seem to want to go away. The precise details of my current situation I would rather not discuss at length, as they are personal in nature and relate to a still unclear health diagnosis that has frustratingly required me to slow down a bit professionally for the time being. Nevertheless, the short version of my story is that I’m in a place in my life right now where I need to start taking some positive proactive measures to improve my current state of physical, mental and emotional health. It is for sure an easier said than done process that is not circuitously accomplished overnight, but I am confident that I will be able to overcome this temporary lapse – with the support of my family, friends and professional network that I so tremendously value and cherish. 

As part of my rehabilitation path to recovery, in addition to freelancing and seeking out some side projects, I will be re-committing myself to publishing on the blog as often as I humanly can – as a way to re-engage my passions for travel, social media, digital marketing and music. Moreover, after several weeks of isolation, I look forward to reconnecting with many of those in my personal and professional networks once again up and down the East Coast. A singular, isolated blog post does not immediately improve my current health condition, nor does it ease the uphill challenges that I face ahead, but it’s a starting point in time. A time to change the narrative.


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