Remind Yourself of Who You Want to Be

486941_10151156162547721_509465248_nI’m going to make this post brief as I am about to head to the gym for the – gulp – second day in a row after a significant period of inactivity. While it’s not worth it to go into the details as to why I wasn’t able to commit to gym time over the last string of weeks, I will say that deciding to go for a second straight day is indicative of the small steps forward I have taken on the road back to recovery. Each day has brought its own set of challenges – many of which I may have brought on myself – but starting to take care of myself and setting some small goals for the hours that pass by are helping me, moments at a time, gain some much needed perspective on how fortunate I am to have all that I have in my life right now – the supportive family members, friends and part-time co-workers.

The gym also sounds like a great idea at this very moment as I have just signed up less than five minutes ago for my very first marathon – the WIPRO San Francisco marathon in fact – that will take place June 16 next year. While that sounds like ages away, it is certainly an event I am not going to take lightly and represents a much needed, concrete goal to start working towards in the days and weeks ahead of me. Although it has taken me nearly a month to follow-up on my previous blog post, I plan on sharing a lot more in the coming days and weeks as I continue to take strides forward, reminding myself of who I am and who I want to be.


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