The Full-Time Job I Didn’t Apply For

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a word on this blog, so I figure now is as good a time as any to start writing again. I’m going to re-start cautiously with a reblog of a post that my friend Courtney just recently published. I met Courtney when I was having a hard time last winter. I guess you could say that we were both going through transitional periods in our lives. For a short period of time, we were able to enjoy each other’s companionship in Boston and discuss the mutual shared love we had for blogging, movies, social media and of course Boston. The weeks and months that followed found us heading in different directions – socially and geographically. After Courtney spent time in DC and I in New York City, we both found ourselves back in the Boston area. I hadn’t seen Courtney in quite a long time, a year or so in fact, but I was excited when I received a text message from her just about six weeks ago. She was thrown a nasty curve ball (to put it heinously lightly) by life just a few weeks later, diagnosed with leukemia. Although I’ve only known Courtney for a short-time, I know that she is a person that has the strength and resilience to not only beat this beast but come out better on the other side. She couldn’t have put it any better when she wrote, “I have a long road ahead of me filled with unknowns, but just like any job I’ve had before, I’m going to go in 100% and rock it.” I can’t relate to what Courtney is going through physically; I can only admire the strength and vulnerability that she exudes when she writes. Once I get the creative juices flowing a bit more, I will more articulately share why this post in particular resonates with me, but for now I’ll leave you with this – she encouraged me to pick up writing again those six weeks ago and now I’m finally having the courage to do so. New blog formatting to follow.


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